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The SandHopper
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Manual sandbag filling tool for floods, military and construction

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The SandHopper


Military SandHopper

Fill sandbags fast! For flood protection, construction and military use.

The SandHopper saves your back, saves your hands.

Pays for itself in 2 days of filling.

Takes sand, aggregate, dry mix, rubble, you name it!

Civilian and military (Government contract savings)

Find out about our ReadyKit here - Community flood protection in a box! 

(UK only)

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More and more flooding is predicted. Sooner or later, sandbags will come into it. Volunteers, often working together with Emergency Managers and local authorities, find filling sandbags easier, faster and safer using a SandHopper.


Communities get together to create a community flood kit, placed in a place convenient to all. This might include lightweight shovels, sandbags, portable flood boards, work gloves, and it’s always good to organise a supply of sand in advance.


Any fit person can use a SandHopper to fill sandbags. It’s safe, quick and easy.


We have put together some useful tips for filling and laying sand bags, and pictures showing the many ways sandbags can be used for flood protection. Just contact us.


Construction companies like the SandHopper are good because of their health and safety aspects: fewer injuries, less back strain and fatigue, and it only takes one man to fill, nearly as fast as two men. The money saved here, well, it’s a ‘no brainer’! The SandHopper is  a highly effective way to fill sandbags. We have thousands of customers, and have never had one complaint! There has never been a need to  return a SandHopper, or to replace parts.


SandHoppers are used by local authorities, the Environment Agency, public works departments, emergency responders, and construction companies. The military in the UK have SandHoppers, and they are a requirement for the army engineers in the USA. The SandHopper has been used for flood protection, and filled with dry mix to be used as a wall to prevent soil slippage, by nurseries for bagging up fertilizer, and have also been used for various food applications.

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