When floods threaten, sandbags can, if filled and placed properly, protect a door for less than £10. Or protect a downstairs toilet or an airbrick for less than £2. Click on the links below to see suggestions for sandbag success.

Sandbags, sandbags, you see them everywhere. Whether it's at the first line of defence when floods come, by highways or other construction companies, or even by the MOD. Using the award winning SandHopper to fill them makes the job safer, faster, and easier.

Filling sandbags with SandHopper can save construction companies and local authorities costs of up to 50% on their sandbag filling.

It's obvious that soldiers want to get sandbags filled for protection and gun emplacements fast. That's why armies across Europe and the USA use the SandHopper for filling sandbags.

The SandHopper is entirely made by Pro Earth Developments (Europe) Ltd.


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